Get Your Confident & Healthy Smile in Concord

Caring Family Dentistry offers a selection of cosmetic dental services, always personalized to your unique smile, cosmetic goals, and oral health care needs, in our office in Concord. You deserve to feel confident in your smile.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

At Caring Family Dentistry, we’ll help you choose the best option for your unique dental needs to enhance your smile.

From simple cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening or teeth bonding, to more comprehensive smile designs, the transformation to a youthful, lasting smile is truly remarkable.

Teeth Whitening

With the help of our team, you will start seeing a whiter and brighter smile in one tooth-whitening visit! With our whitening services, tooth discoloration and the effects of coffee, smoking, and tea will slowly disappear, leaving behind a beautiful white smile.

Your teeth whitening process at Caring Family Dentistry is quick and efficient and will help make you look younger. You can choose from several options in our office in Concord, including KoR in-office and Glo at-home whitening.

concord invisalign
concord invisalign

Clear Aligner Therapy

Do you want a straighter smile without enduring the high costs, discomfort, and clunky appearance of metal braces? Invisalign® is transforming the world of orthodontics by providing an alternative to traditional metal braces with customizable and removable clear aligners.

Every few weeks, you’ll get a new set of clear aligners that will move your teeth into a straighter and more uniform position. Most patients can expect results sooner than metal braces. Plus, you can easily remove your Invisalign at meals, for meals, or to brush and floss your teeth.


Dental veneers are an excellent, long-lasting cosmetic option if you have chipped, misaligned, stained, or worn-down teeth. These thin porcelain shells adhere to teeth, ultimately reshaping and improving their color and overall appearance.

Your Caring Family dentist will customize each veneer to the shape and color of your tooth. Once they’re all bonded to the surface of your teeth, the veneers create a fuller, whiter, and more uniform smile.

Same Day Crowns

A dental crown can give you a brand-new smile if you have cracked, broken, or decayed teeth. Dental crowns look and act just like natural teeth.

A dental crown is customized to fit over an individual tooth, function as a cap, and restore and protect its structure. Dental crowns are often implemented following root canal treatment, but they are also a viable treatment option if you have a significantly chipped or fractured tooth.

Gingival Recontouring

Are you self-conscious of your “gummy smile”? If you have a disproportionate gum line, minimally invasive laser therapy can remove excess tissue and re-lengthen the height of your gums.

Fast and pain-free, this procedure can correct gummy smiles in less time than traditional methods.