Children's Dentistry Concord : Dental Care, Just for Kids

A lifetime of health and wellness begins with a child’s smile, so we offer pediatric dentistry.

At Caring Family Dentistry, we believe in taking a proactive approach to your child’s smile and oral health in the early stages of life. We work closely with your little one throughout childhood to instill healthy oral hygiene habits they’ll carry with them throughout life.

Meeting Your Child's Unique Dental Needs

Finding a dental home early in your child’s life is essential for maintaining oral health and good habits.

Dr. Sheffler, Dr. Teixeira, Dr. Gittleman, and their team understand that children have different needs than adults, physically and emotionally, and can give your child the best experience.

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What to Expect at Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Our team will tailor your child’s first visit to their age, personality, and individual needs. Some children need to use this time to get familiar with our office and team, while others are ready for an examination, cleaning, and topical fluoride treatment.

One of our dentists will examine your child’s mouth and teeth and ensure you have the tools and knowledge to care for their smile. We try to limit the number of X-rays we take, so we’ll only take X-rays when a specific dental situation warrants it.

Benefits of Early Dental Care

We understand many children can experience stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist. We offer mild nitrous oxide to help our young patients relax and feel at ease throughout treatment. We also utilize our minimally invasive Solea laser instead of noisy, disruptive drills.

It’s essential to keep baby teeth healthy because problems with baby teeth can affect how permanent teeth grow later. If you neglect your child’s cavities, they can cause pain and infection, leading to problems with their developing permanent teeth.

We understand that your child’s first dental visit can also be stressful for you as a parent. Our team at Caring Family Dentistry is always happy to answer any questions you have and give you and your child the best dental experience possible.